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Why Family Revival is Important to God?

September 2nd, 2008

Once you have begun a personal revival in your own heart, God wants you to share it with others. And who better to share it with than your own family?

During September our theme at Metropolitan Baptist Church is family revival.

God wants you to show your family what the Spirit of God can do through one willing Christian.

If you have a mum, dad or child slipping from the right path, let your life prove to them that the right life is worth living.

Share God’s blessings with them and include them in the work of the Lord.

The best way to do that is bring them along to the many activities you’re involved with at Church.

During September you will have ample opportunity through the Mighty Men’s Meeting, September 6, Father’s Day services September 7, and the Combined Youth activity September 13 to mention a few.

Tell them about our Life Stages all-age Sunday school classes each Sunday morning, and why not invite them to come with you for midweek prayer each Wednesday or take them soul-winning each Saturday morning.

Revive the spirit of your home this month by inviting the Spirit of God into it and just see what God will do!

As Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church I invite you to join us this month as we seek to revive our families.