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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
4.11.18 Living the christian life Jeremiah 32 Evangelist Glen Weeks Sunday AM 7.9 MB
4.11.18 Softening a hard heart Revelation 6 Evangelist Glen Weeks Sunday PM 8.7 MB
29.10.17 Shekinah Exodus 33 Pastor Bobby Buhren Anniversary Sunday AM 10.6 MB
29.10.17 Our two companions Psalm 23 Pastor Bobby Buhren Anniversary Sunday PM 8.0 MB
30.10.16 Anniversary: Which ship are you? 2 Corinthians 5 Pastor John Williamson Sunday AM 7.7 MB
30.10.16 Anniversary: Becoming like Christ Philippians 2 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 7.0 MB
25.10.15 The revelation of a wonderful Saviour Revelation 1 Pastor James Herringson Anniversary AM 9.7 MB
25.10.15 The unfinished moment Genesis 1 Pastor Bobby Buhren Anniversary PM 13.4 MB
28.09.14 The importance of being thankful Philippians 4 Pastor Marvin Matthews Anniversary AM 3.0 MB
28.09.14 Don’t be ignorant of Satans devices 2 Corinthians 2 Pastor Marvin Matthews Anniversary PM 2.7 MB
Call to remembrance the former days
27.10.13 Death in the pot 2 Kings 4 Pastor Jerry Wilhite PM Anniversary Service 6.3 MB