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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
29.11.12 SBBC Conference: What matters most? Mark 10 Pastor Charlie Haddad Thursday AM Session 1 5.8 MB
29.11.12 SBBC Conference: The Fisherman’s friend Matthew 4 Pastor Brad Williamson Thursday AM Session 2 5.4 MB
29.11.12 SBBC Conference: Love not the world 1 John 2 Pastor John Williamson Thursday PM 7.6 MB
29.11.12 SBBC Conference: Graduate’s testimony . Miss Judy O'Farrell Thursday PM
28.11.12 SBBC Conference: Will He find faith? Luke 18 Pastor Richard Hester Wednesday PM 10.7 MB
28.11.12 SBBC Conference: Spiritual Maturity Matthew 19 Pastor Sam Joukhadar Wednesday AM Session 1 5.2 MB
27.11.12 SBBC Conference: Lessons from a corn of wheat John 12 Pastor Ian Western Tuesday PM 11.8 MB
27.11.12 SBBC Conference: A man sent from God John 1 Pastor James Harvey Tuesday AM Session 1 4.9 MB
25.11.12 SBBC Conference: Saturated in God’s Word Deuteronomy 32 Pastor Trevor Ringwaldt Sunday AM 6.8 MB
25.11.12 SBBC Conference: I have declared my ways Psalm 119 Pastor Graham West Sunday PM 4.5 MB