Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Revive Me O Lord

December 30th, 2007

The Lord has led us to make the subject of revival our yearly theme for 2008. Revive Me O Lord is our YEARLY theme statement. The word ‘revive’ means: renewed life, refresh, surge of energy, to awaken from an inactive state. In order to be revived there must be life, for example you can revive from your sleep if you have life (YOUR HEART IS STILL PUMPING BLOOD) otherwise if you were dead & you revived (CAME TO LIFE) that would be a resurrection. Therefore only a Christian can be revived because He/She has the life of the Holy Spirit within them – Romans 8:9.

Our country is in need of revival: a national revival begins with personal revival with the people of God. It is our prayer and desire that God will do a work of revival within our lives that will in turn affect the whole church & ultimately affect our country.

As we follow this theme this year with emphasis & in our teaching, we will endeavour to help you to experience personal revival in your life. This will ultimately result in more souls saved for the glory of God. Effective evangelism is not revival; it is the predominant fruit of a spiritual revival.

Join us at Metropolitan Baptist Church this year & grow with us as we look to the Lord to “revive us again that thy people might rejoice in thee” – Psalm 85:6.