Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Missionaries We Support

Vision 265
In Mark 16:15 our Saviour commanded: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature“.

By our calculation there are a total of 265 countries, territories and colonies that make up the world to which we have been told to go into. Our vision would be that we, as the Lord leads, financially support at least one missionary in each of these places around the world. This Vision is not going to be reached for the sake of reaching it, we will not reduce our support levels in order to meet this goal. Instead we will pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send forth laborers into His harvest (Luke 10:2). Then by faith we will continue to give and we will support the men & women whom He calls into that harvest.

Anger a�� 3rd World

Gilbert & Joy Anger.

Ayre a�� Romania

Billy & Anette Ayre.

Booy a�� Papua New Guinea

Robert & Serena Booy.

Brinkman a�� New Zealand

Paul & Hera Brinkman.

Buster a�� Tonga

Bob & Sela Buster, Mark, Jacob.

Cloud a�� Central Asia

David & Lynda Cloud.

Crocket a�� Romania

Chris & Suzy Crocket, Elijah, Ariella, Blake, Hosanna, Mordecai, Nathanael, Eden.

Crowe a�� Papua New Guinea

Dave & Julie Crowe.

Currell a�� Children’s Evangelist

Kev & Sandy Currell.

DaToy a�� Melbourne, VIC

Jon & Tess DaToy.

De Leon a�� Hurstville, NSW

Marco & Trini De Leon.

Eti a�� Ecuador

Lilia Eti.

Evans a�� Japan

Tony & Debbie Evans, Benjamin, Ruth Elise, Susannah, Malachi, Kiara.

Faafouina a�� Samoa

Pene & Robyn Faafouina, Cameron.

Grimaldo a�� Philippines

Virgilio & Charlie Grimaldo, Carla, Vjorn, Katrina, Keziah.

Haddad a�� Newcastle, NSW

Charlie & Janet Haddad, Elisha, Charity, Matthias, Timotheus, Titus.

Harvey a�� England

Stuart & Dawn Harvey, Eleanor.

Harvest Magazine a�� Sydney, NSW

A new global missions digital & print magazine.

Holowaty a�� Argentina

Alex & Elizabeth Holowaty.

Hustler a�� Evangelist

Chris & Sharon Hustler.

Jackson a�� Bundaburg, QLD

Graham & Gen Jackson, Rachael, Rebekah, Hannah, Matthew.

John a�� India

Shibu & Sukanya John, Abigail, Abel.

Johnson a�� Cambodia

Tom & Anna Johnson, Jonathan, Nancilynn, Victoria & Joseph.

Kaufmann a�� Zambia, Africa

David & Wendy Kaufmann.

Luz a�� South Adelaide, SA

Liam & Michele Luz, Sarah, Joanna, Lydia.

Owenby a�� Mongolia

James & Tungaa Owenby, Togo, Joy, Abigail.

Pavitt a�� England

Colin & Rosalind.

Portillo a�� Nicaragua

Ricardo & Angela Portillo, Ricardo Jnr, Sophia, Rebecca.

Ramos a�� Paraguay

Sherwin & Liza Ramos.

Sydney Bible Baptist College

Sehmish a�� Thailand

Wayne & Suzanne Sehmish, Sara, Justin, Curtis.

Serret a�� Mauritius

Francois & Carolyn Serret, Elise, Chelsea, Caleb, Celeste, Chantelle.

Shellabear a�� Nowra, NSW

Richard & Margarete Shellabear.

Smith a�� Goulburn, NSW

Dennis & Debra Smith.

Tesch a�� Bass Coast, VIC

Peter & Geraldine Tesch, Lydia, Rachel, Esther.

Tjia a�� Taiwan

Bill & Julie Tjia.

Tresno a�� Indonesia

Antoro & Rachel Tresno.

Valeran a�� Taree, NSW

Syd & Melissa Valeran, Josiah, Olivia, Elijah, Annabelle, Levi, Samuel.

Winter a�� Rockingham, WA

David & Lee Anne Winter, Zachary, Jonathan, Hannah Rose, Charissa Joy.

Yacco a�� Damascus, Syria

Samir & Siham Yacco.