Metropolitan Baptist Church

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Determine to Have a Revival in Your Home

May 3rd, 2008

As Christians we constantly face bombardment by the world of so-called new family values. However, these values are not from the Bible.

The Bible has a word for each person in the Christian home. The book of Colossians teaches us that marriage is a covenant, not a contract. It is a covenant between each person and God.

It also reminds husbands that he has made a covenant with God to be the husband his wife deserves. She also promises God she will be the wife the Lord desires her to be. The Bible teaches children to obey their parents and parents not to provoke their children, “lest they be discouraged.”

What wonderful, simple truths. Yet to be a Bible-based family today requires a firm stand against the world, the devil and our own flesh. The Christian family truly must desire heart revival if it is to survive.

During May family revival is the heart cry of Metropolitan Baptist Church. At the centre of this focus is Mother’s Day on Sunday May 11.

What better time to determine to start a revival in your family.

An afternoon High Tea will be held at the church for the ladies on May 24 while May also includes the great Mother’s Day cake bake-off, home-schooling group days, and loads of great teaching during our Life Stages classes.

As Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church I invite you to join us in 2008 as we seek revival.