Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Determine to be a soul winner in your home

April 25th, 2009

As Christians God has commanded us to tell others how they can be saved, starting in the home.

It should be the mission of every born again mum and dad to ensure their children are saved, baptised and then discipled.

The Bible says fathers need to take the lead and be responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of their whole family.

In a dying world the Christian home should be a living sanctuary, a place where Bible truths are taught and upheld.

The soul-winner’s home will naturally have an outflow. There will be a burden to win your extended family and neighbours for the Lord Jesus Christ.

During May determine to be a soul winner in your home. Seek God and ask Him to pour out his Holy Spirit power upon your efforts to win the lost.

Why not join our soul-winning team each Saturday morning and seek to win a neighborhood? Invite your unsaved mum to our Mother’s Day service on Sunday May 10.

May at Metro also includes the great Mother’s Day cake bake-off, home-schooling group days, youth activities, and loads of great teaching during our Life Stages classes.

As Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church I invite you to join us in 2009 as we seek to win the lost.