Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Are you ready for His return?

August 4th, 2009

Jesus Christ is coming again. In these dark days, as born again believers, we should be comforted by the thought that the Lord Jesus is coming back for His own.

At any moment, the trumpet could sound and we could be caught up to be with the Lord Jesus Christ forever.

So, Christian, what are you doing to tell others about this? Jesus is coming and we need to prepare. Our day of opportunity to serve the Lord is today.

This month at Metropolitan Baptist Church we are examining the role of the soul-winner and the Second Coming with spirit-filled messages from the King James Bible, midweek prayer and door-to-door witnessing.

Why not join our Life Stages classes and learn how to be a soul-winner for Jesus Christ? Come along Saturday mornings and join our soul-winning ministry! There’s no greater joy than to lead a soul to Christ.

As Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church I invite you to join us in 2009 as we seek to win the lost.