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Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Archive for October, 2015

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
25.10.15 The revelation of a wonderful Saviour Revelation 1 Pastor James Herringson Anniversary AM 9.7 MB
25.10.15 The unfinished moment Genesis 1 Pastor Bobby Buhren Anniversary PM 13.4 MB
18.10.15 Obedience Genesis 22 Missionary Tom Geer Sunday AM 4.8 MB
18.10.15 Arrows in the hand Psalm 127 Missionary Tom Geer Sunday PM 8.7 MB
11.10.15 The cause and curse of social networking 2 Timothy 3 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 7.9 MB
11.10.15 The Tabernacle Exodus 25 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 8.2 MB
05.10.15 The conversation we have to have 1 Peter 2 Mr James O'Sullivan Sunday AM 5.4 MB
05.10.15 A call to shine Ephesians 5 Mr Joshua Koura Sunday PM 5.7 MB
27.09.15 Nehemiah cleaning the house Nehemiah 13 Pastor David Winter Sunday AM 6.5 MB
27.09.15 Keeping the walls up Nehemiah 7 Pastor Jason Koura Sunday PM 7.1 MB