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Archive for September, 2014

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
28.09.14 The importance of being thankful Philippians 4 Pastor Marvin Matthews Anniversary AM 3.0 MB
28.09.14 Don’t be ignorant of Satans devices 2 Corinthians 2 Pastor Marvin Matthews Anniversary PM 2.7 MB
24.09.14 Solve our problems but save our pigs Mark 5 Dr Charles Curtman Wednesday PM 5.9 MB
21.09.14 Our chief motivation in serving the Lord Luke 7 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 4.8 MB
21.09.14 The benefits of fasting Isaiah 58 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 2.8 MB
14.09.14 Insrtuction for children Proverbs 1 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 4.5 MB
14.09.14 What are you trusting in? Jeremiah 17 Mr Jason Koura Sunday PM 4.2 MB
Fathering our children
What you choose today will determine your destiny
The coming of the Tribulation – Part 3
Principles of Christian conduct – Part 2
The coming of the Tribulation – Part 3