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Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ

Archive for February, 2014

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
16.02.14 Can these bones live Ezekiel 37 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 7.8 MB
16.02.14 Jesus Christ our all in all Luke 24 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 6.1 MB
10.02.14 The faithfulness of God's Word 1 Timothy 1 Evangelist Glen Weeks Monday PM 7.4 MB
11.02.14 The faithfulness of our Creator God 1 Peter 4 Evangelist Glen Weeks Tuesday PM 6.5 MB
12.02.14 Faithful to forgive confession 1 John 1 Evangelist Glen Weeks Wednesday PM 6.7 MB
9.02.14 Landmarks of the Christian faith Proverbs 22 Pastor Trevor Ringwaldt Sunday AM 8.5 MB
9.02.14 Faithful is He that calleth you 1 Thessalonians 5 Evangelist Glen Weeks Sunday PM 7.8 MB
2.02.14 Be an example of the believers 1 Peter 5 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 7.9 MB