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Archive for October, 2010

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
10 Oct 2010 How is the Church to Function? Acts 2 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 1.42MB
10 Oct 2010 What Does it Mean to Admonish One Another? Romans 15:13-15 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 2.37MB
3 Oct 2010 Where will you Pitch Your Tent? Numbers 1:51 Pastor Sakka Sunday AM 2.08MB
3 Oct 2010 Idleness in the Midst of Hurry Hosea 10 James O'Sullivan Sunday PM 2.08MB
26 Sep 2010 Lydia: An Example Acts 5 Robert Ayoub Sunday AM 2.21MB
26 Sep 2010 The Danger of Looking Back Philippians 3 Jason Koura Sunday PM 1.39MB
19 Sep 2010 If Not Us, Who Will? Colossians 3 Wayne Hickson Sunday PM 1.96MB
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