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Archive for March, 2010

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Date Title Scripture Speaker Service Size
28 Mar 2010 The Commissionary of a Missionary Acts 13 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 2.96MB
28 Mar 2010 God Uses Ordinary People 1 King 17 Pastor Ramos Sunday PM 4.20MB
Pray for the Gospel to Go Forth
21 Mar 2010 The Vessels God Uses Romans 9 Missionary Francois Serret Sunday AM 4.57MB
21 Mar 2010 Without Vision We Perish Isaiah 6 Pastor Olmstead Sunday PM 3.47MB
14 Mar 2010 Why Do We Have Missions? Matthew 28:18 Pastor Sehmish Sunday AM 6.97MB
14 Mar 2010 How to be Mightily Used of God 1 Sam 16 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday AM 6.44MB
07 Mar 2010 The Servant that God Uses 1 Samuel 16:7 Pastor Mario Schiavone Sunday PM 5.17MB
28 Feb 2010 How to have Fellowship with God 1 John 1 Trevor Ringwaldt Sunday AM 4.56MB
28 Feb 2010 Staying in Fellowship 1 John 2 Trevor Ringwaldt Sunday PM 5.81MB
Pray for our Missionaries