Metropolitan Baptist Church

Reaching Australia for Jesus Christ


Camp is for anyone in High School during 2017 or completed Year 12 during 2016.
The schedule is packed with activities, games and sports as well as having a decidedly spiritual focus too. Every morning and evening there will be a service with a challenge from God’s Word as well as morning and evening devotions.
Our theme this year focusses on our personal purity & holiness. God desires that we would be individuals who are Wholly holy. God says He is holy and then tells us that we should therefore be holy. What does that mean? How can I achieve that? We will be looking at how a teen can live a holy life in our day.
The site itself is bounded on two sides by a river, this is where we will swim each afternoon; the cabins that the campers sleep in are air-conditioned; and with its beautiful bushland setting all around us what better way is there to start the year than at a camp that is going to point me back to my God and His will for my life?
While teenCAMP shares the location and facilities with Junior Camp, both camps run a separate age specific program.
We are praying that you might join us for a wholly fun and spiritually challenging time at teenCAMP in 2017!