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Why we all need some Biblical counselling?

August 1st, 2016

Want to have wisdom in today’s world? Want to know how to handle a crisis? Want peace in your life?
Some old fashioned Biblical counselling is the answer. The Bible, yes, the Word of God, has the answer to all of life’s questions.
The Bible is still as relevant today as when the first century Church was established by Jesus Christ.
At Metropolitan Baptist Church during August you will learn Bible truths, witness Bible baptism, and enjoy true Christian fellowship.
Why not come along this Sunday morning and experience a New Testament Bible Church that stands on the principles of God’s Word. It might just change your life!

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Title The basis of biblical counselling
Speaker Pastor Mario Schiavone
Scripture Lamentations 3
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Service Sunday AM
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Speaker Pastor Mario Schiavone
Scripture Acts 8
Date 21.08.16
Service Sunday PM

Welcome Friend

A warm welcome awaits you at Metropolitan Baptist Church. We believe that you will be built up spiritually by the music, friendliness, practical care, missionary vision, gospel emphasis and the practical preaching / teaching of the Word of God as your worship with us.

Metropolitan Baptist Church stands committed to ministering to the needs of the people within our community. Our church has available a range of ministries for children, teenagers, young adults, ladies and men. Each ministry is undergirded by the truth that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential for salvation. Furthermore, we believe the Bible is the only trustworthy source of wisdom for the challenges of everyday life and will meet every need within the human heart.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance to you and your family. It would be our honour to have you fellowship with us.

May the Lord bless you and thank you once again for visiting our church website. We look forward to further contact with you personally in the future.

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